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Enric Sagnier’s architecture is very present in Barcelona, to such an extent that it could on its own serve to illustrate some of the characteristics of the art of construction in the city, of which he was one of the leading lights throughout his fifty-year-long career. In spite of the fact that, unfortunately, many of the most outstanding examples have been demolished, the presence of Sagnier’s buildings—more and more of which have now been carefully restored to their original splendour—is still very evident in the city’s streets. He raised large public buildings, sumptuous detached houses, churches, schools and blocks of apartments, many of them in the heart of the city or visible from a large part of Barcelona. Also—it ought not to be forgotten—he was responsible for many less visible structures, such as small developments of workers’ housing, blocks of more humble apartments, many minor refurbishments and industrial buildings, most of which have disappeared.

Sagnier’s link with Barcelona is obvious in a number of respects: it is the city where he was born, lived and died; where he designed a considerable number of buildings, some of them as conspicuous as the Law Courts or the church on the Tibidabo; and where his work earned the recognition of society through the prizes awarded by the city council.

This section shows thirty-one of these constructions, selected as being representative of the architect’s work or for their importance for the image of the city. The photographs that have been taken specially for this section focus attention on details that often pass unnoticed as one goes by, and offer a tour around Sagnier’s most outstanding urban architecture.